Woodard Construction Services, LLC. is a licensed
and insured residential remodeling company based in
Sylvania, Ohio. We proudly serve northwest Ohio,
primarily in the cities of Sylvania, Toledo, Maumee,
and Perrysburg.

Woodard Construction Services was started with the
belief that there was a better way to serve the
residential customer looking to complete a
construction project.

Too often, home improvement projects are linked to
horror stories: contractors that don't return phone calls
or miss scheduled appointments, project deadline/cost
promises that never seem to get met, unsafe job sites,
the list goes on and on.

We believe that how a project is handled and how the
customer is treated is just as important as the quality
of the work. Open lines of communication before,
during, and after the project are vital to its success.
We strive to maintain a clean, orderly jobsite and a
professional image at all times. When your project is
completed you should talk about "how we did" as
much as "what we did".
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